Chicago Case:

Shatterproofed HDPE-Cases - new with TSA-Locks


  • Made in USA
  • Shatterproofed
  • Piano-hinge over the complete back side
  • Protection-bumpers protect handle, locks during crashes
  • Extra-strong trolley-system
  • Ball-bearing-wheels
  • Extremely strong HDPE-shell
  • Army-proofed
  • Special quality metal-locks
  • Combination-lock and additional area for padlock
  • Automatic clap-in-handle
  • Extremely strong and powdercoated aluminium-frame
  • In addition to the normal pressed frame, frame and shell are riveted several times
  • Possibility of Fixing additional bags on the case
  • Locks Fixed with screws
  • Durability-tested with 45 kg


  • TSA-Padlock for all Chicago-Case-Cases

  • During custom-inspection in the USA every piece of luggage can be opened through the TSA-OFFICE (Transportation Security Administration) Locked luggage will be opened by authority.
    So the case could be damaged.
  • To avoid this, so called TSA-Iocks have been developed. They can be opened and locked with a masterkey only from TSA-employees.


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